• Metal Buildings

    The Amazing Benefits of Metal Buildings

    Metal buildings are more popular than ever before and many people are now opting for them to build their own garage or set up their own space from the comfort of their own grounds. If you are considering getting a metal building, but can’t decide as to whether this is really the best option for you, be sure to check out our list of amazing benefits of metal buildings below.

    Metal Buildings

    They Are Extremely Durable

    The first pro that comes with getting a metal building is that they are extremely durable and this is what attracts many people to buy one in the first place. Companies such as Armstrong Steel design their metal buildings so that they are strong enough to withstand any conditions, whereas wood would not be able to hold against bad weather conditions. Not only are they extremely durable, but they also are cheap to maintain and so are a fantastic investment in the long run.

    Easy To Build

    If you are looking for your new space to be set up extremely quickly, then a metal building is the ideal option for you. Steel buildings can be erected extremely quickly and you can have your new metal building kit-built within just a few days depending on its size. The frames are all made ahead of time and so are ready to go to be shipped out to you. Plus, as they are all made to fit each other, they can be put together very quickly.

    They Can Be Used For Both Business And Leisure

    Another big pro as to why so many people are opting for metal buildings is that they are great for dual purposes. Looking to create a cool games room? Or maybe a bar? All of your leisure needs can be met with a steel building. Furthermore, they are also absolutely perfect for business too as you can create your own stock storage space, workshop, or even office space where you can work from home in.

    They Offer A Lot Of Space

    Metal buildings are fantastic as they can be as big or as small as you want them to be to fit your space perfectly! What’s also really cool about steel buildings is that they can grow with you. For example, if you are using your metal building as storage space for your business., as your business expands and grows, there is no need to worry as your metal building can expand with it.

    They Are Great For the Environment

    Metal Buildings

    Metal buildings are a great option for everyone as they are eco-friendly and don’t cause devastating effects on the environment in the same way that other materials do. Steel is s recyclable product and so not only will the steel that you are using have been recycled, you can then recycle it again once you are finished using it.


    Not only is steel strong, it also stays strong. It isn’t vulnerable to rot, termite damage, or fire. And with the right coatings, you also won’t have to worry about rust. A quality metal building is even perfect for withstanding extreme weather and earthquakes.


    You might expect a metal building to look cold and industrial, but in fact, it can be indistinguishable from other materials. The surface can be shaped and painted to imitate wood, brick, and tile—or it can be covered with those materials once assembled.

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  • Sprinkler System Repair

    Sprinkler System Repair – Simple Things You Can Do Yourself

    While sprinkler system repair projects may require the help of a professional, you can perform many small repair tasks yourself and can save you a lot of money. 

    Sprinkler System Repair

    Clean the Sprinkler Heads

    Cleaning the sprinkler heads every day is a simple and easy task that can keep your sprinkler systems operating productively. First, turn off the system. It may be enough to just clean the water holes with a wire to clear dirt. For effective cleaning, remove the head and wash it out with a chemical cleaner. Ensure to absolutely rinse off the chemicals from the sprinkler head before replacing it to keep away from damaging your lawn.

    Clean out the System

    Cleaning out the entire system occasionally will continue in good working condition. Search through the internet to get a professional to perform your sprinkler system repair and irrigation cleaner that is required for your sprinkler system and for directions on how to use it properly. Authorized and professional cleaners are mostly safe for the lawn but qualified to cleanse the system.

    Replace Sprinkler Head

    You can buy new sprinkler heads from the manufacturer of your sprinkler system. While each system is unique and exclusive, most sprinkler head can simply be screwed off, and the newer heads can be screwed right on. 

    Fixing a Broken Pipe 

    Broken pipes are quite easy to repair only if you don’t let the soil get inside the pipes. The same as a sprinkler head, you will want to take a piece of the pipe to the hardware so you are sure to get the right size. Before you start, don’t forget to turn off your sprinkler system so that the water doesn’t flow as you fix the pipes. Use a hacksaw to cut away the cracked or broken pipe, and use logic and some plumber’s tape to install the new piece.

    Sprinkler System Repair

    Test the System

    Although you may not be able to do a complete system repair, you can run a test of your system. Just turn on your system and check each sprinkler. You may get wet, but getting close to each sprinkler can help you to understand which ones are turning out badly. Make a map of your sprinklers and note the status of each one. Also, if repairs are required, you can show the repairman the map, keeping an eye on his job.

    Testing the sprinkler system is better than you may realize. Identifying sprinkler heads that are not working well is the best defense against a costly repair job. Performing an easy test is the only way to locate issues that might be happening underground.

    When Is It Time To Call In The Professionals For Assistance?

    Your irrigation system is an important part of the beauty and health of your landscape. If you have invested in this system for your home’s landscape, then it is important that it works properly and productively all the time. If you do notice problems, it may be tempting to try and fix the issue on your own; however, the fact is, professionals, have more knowledge and experience about irrigation systems. This means that they can easily troubleshoot an issue and determine the proper fix.

    If you are bothered that your sprinkler system is not working at its best shot, then it is time to call for an irrigation repair professional to inspect and diagnose the issue. The truth is, sprinkler system repair can be hard to repair without the advice and help of a professional. Don’t disregard this repair because the problem will only become worse and more expensive to repair at any second.

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  • Repiping Services

    7 Signs Your Property Needs Repiping Services

    What’s repiping you ask? Repiping is the process of stripping down all the current faulty piping that you’ve got in your home and then replacing it with new pipes. In most instances, this doesn’t mean that we can just pop into one part of your home and replace a small length of the plumbing. In most cases, we’re going to have to replace a long length of your pipe so that your whole home can benefit.

    Repiping Services

    Repiping isn’t one of those services that you just want to jump into. Instead, you want all the necessary preparation and education, and you want to observe all the warning signs going on in your home before you make any decisions. Come to us for your repiping services in Humble, TX. We’ll get your home or business in great shape.

    Here are the seven (7) signs that you need to consider repiping services:

    1. Your Plumbing System is Making Unusual Noises

    One way to tell that your pipes need replacement is the sounds they make. Are they new to your ears? Do your pipes start making strange noises? Be aware to creaking, banging and other noises as they are indications of old and worn out pipes that should be replaced as soon as possible.

    1. Water Doesn’t Smell Good

    Your pipes may be starting to deteriorate when the water smells like sewer or rotten food. As the smell gets worse, your home will no longer be comfortable. Repiping might be a potential solution to get rid of the bad odors.

    1. Corrosion on Pipes

    Take a look at the pipes and see signs of corrosion. Usually, corroded pipes have visible rust on the opening. If the pipes are suffering from corrosion, the best solution is repiping.

    1. Water Discoloration

    Simply looking at the color of your water helps you know the condition of your plumbing system. Water discoloration means your pipes are slowly deteriorating due to corrosion and rust. Check your water for brownish, yellowish or reddish color. If discoloration on the water is evident, then it’s time to repipe.

    1. Inconsistency on Water Temperature

    Does your water temperature change more often? In some cases, the pipes take too long to deliver hot water which is another sign of damage on the pipes.  Strong fluctuations on your water temperature indicate that repiping should be done immediately.

    1. Leaking Pipes

    Leaks on the pipes may occur for several reasons. But if the issue occurs because of corrosion and serious damage on the pipes, then it’s time for a replacement. Leaky pipes are a serious problem that you should not take for granted if you don’t want to end up with issues like flooding.

    1. Low Water Pressure

    Turn on the faucet and observe the water pressure. Is it lower than it should? If the pressure decreases over time, then you possibly have an issue with your pipes. And, replacement might only be the ideal solution.

    Materials Used For Repiping In Humble, TX

    The material we utilize for repiping your home and businesses are cost-effective, easy and fast installation, and lowered the risk of health/safety issues for our clients. No one cares about your businesses and home than A1 Humble Plumber when it comes to repiping and we are willing to lower our price to beat any competitors to win your business relationship.

    Benefits Of Repiping Services

    A lot of times when you take a preempted measure to keep problems from occurring in the first place is important to get the following benefits:

    • Cleaner and healthier water for your entire family
    • Improved water pressure when taking a shower or doing other things in the house
    • Increase your home values with new pipes
    • Decreased the chances of having plumbing problems for your home or businesses

    Certified Plumbing Services in Humble, TX If you noticed any of these signs in your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call our experts at A1 Humble Plumber. We’ll be happy to serve you at our best.     

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  • Septic Service Near Me

    Septic Service Near Me – Common Septic Tank Problems

    Septic Service Near Me

    When you use the plumbing fixtures inside your home, it’s easy to forget about the journey the wastewater takes once it enters your drainage system. However, if your home is equipped with a septic tank, it’s essential not to take it for granted.

    Septic systems are vulnerable to several issues; whose cause isn’t always obvious. Immediate diagnosis and repair of the problems are important to ensure it doesn’t get worse or cause more problems that affect your ability to use your plumbing. If you’re experiencing septic tank problems, first in the list is searching for septic service near me if you want to properly maintain your septic system.

    In this article, I will discuss a few common septic tank problems you should be aware of.

    Continue reading!

    Problem 1: Clogs

    A very familiar problem that we encounter with septic tanks are clogs and the backups that occur because of them. A warning sign of a possible clog is if your drains and toilets are slow to and/or you notice sewage backups in your toilets or sinks. If you have not been maintaining your septic tank by getting it pumped every 3 years, then your tank may be full and therefore causing a backup. But if you have been following a regular schedule then the problem could still be a clog, it would just more than likely be a clog in the pipe between the house and the septic tank.

    Problem 2: Tree Root Damage

    Did you know the root systems of trees and shrubs can grow through the walls of your septic tank and can cause damage and break the pipes leading from your house to the tank? Roots are very resilient and resourceful in their search for moisture and nutrients – both of which are abundant in your plumbing. But despite that, when the roots infiltrate your plumbing, they can stop the flow of water and cause backups.

    Problem 3: Flushing the Wrong Things

    When you frequently flush things other than human waste, you are courting a plumbing disaster. Non-biodegradable products like toilet papers, diapers, sanitary napkins, will fill up space in the septic tank and will never break down over time, raising the liquid level in the tank higher. Even wet wipes that are marketed as flushable don’t break down properly and will eventually cause issues with your septic tank.

    Problem 4: Lack of Maintenance

    If you’re going through problems like backed-up toilets or slow drains, one of the first questions to ask yourself is when was the last time you had your septic tank pumped out. Septic tanks are made to collect solid waste gradually. As soon as the tank becomes full, you may begin to have problems with sewage backups in your home. How often you need to get your septic tank pumped depends on a few factors, including how many people live in your house and how much wastewater you generate from activities like doing the laundry, showering, or running your dishwasher.

    Septic Service Near Me

    Problem 5: Harsh Chemicals

    A lot of people incorrectly assume that they can use their septic system as a convenient and quick way to dispose of toxic materials like solvents, pesticides paint, motor oil, and brake fluid. However, putting any of these chemical products into the septic system won’t eliminate them; instead, you will be supplying them into the surrounding soil, polluting the groundwater especially the earth. These substances are also harsh enough to kill the bacteria and germs in your tank that work to break down the solid waste.

    Problem 6: Damage From Digging

    Digging without knowing the location of your sewer lines and septic tank can cause complicated and expensive repairs. If you’re doing a project that involves digging – like building a deck or planting a tree– look for a certified and professional septic service near me before you start to have underground utilities marked.

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  • Landscaper

    Landscaper Tips on Low Maintenance Landscaping


    It can take a lot of work to own a house. There’s a lot to do, from emergency maintenance to routine cleaning. Maintaining the landscape and curbing appeal is part of caring for your house. If you’re struggling to find the space, or just hate doing yard work, here are some ideas for your yard for low maintenance landscaping.

    Low Maintenance Landscaping

    Rubber Mulch

    Fill Flower Beds up with rubber mulch.  It’s a great way to give a fresh look to your landscaping while keeping weeds away. Every year, conventional mulch needs replacement. When you hate mulching jobs, switching to rubber mulch is a safer, low-maintenance option. Rubber mulch is a great way to use recyclable materials as well as lasting for years and is safe for your animals.

    All you need to do for installation is to wash your flower beds and place a weed barrier down. You then spread the rubber mulch and all of you are set.

    Keep in mind that rubber mulch does not provide the surrounding plants with any nutritional value. You may need to talk to an expert like NW Landscape Management before replacing your traditional mulch with rubber mulch, depending on the plants in your beds. For certain parts of your landscape, rubber mulch may only be suitable.


    A Landscaper is here to help make your home look beautiful throughout all seasons with evergreens. While after the summer months other plants and vegetation will lose their leaves, evergreens retain their leaves throughout the year.

    Even though evergreens are more costly than some alternatives, even in the rainy months, they will help keep your home curb appeal. The lack of attention needed by these plants will return your investment year after year.

    Try Artificial Grass 

    Artificial grass is an easy and low maintenance option eliminating lawn mowing, watering or fertilizing, unlike real grass.  Consider buying artificial grass if you hate mowing your lawn frequently and still want green on your lawn. Since the early days of turf, this alternative type of grass has come a long way. You may not be able to tell the difference between what is true and what is fake in some situations. Artificial grass requires a small amount of care. All you need to do from time to time is to hose it off.

    You can also try artificial plants as well as buying artificial grass. Buying artificial plants will give the room an extra color pop if you have an outdoor space that is obscured by the elements.

    For example, you can add to your front doorstep some fake potted plants. No one is ever going to know the difference.

    Hard Landscape

    Adding river rock is a one-time upfront investment that adds beauty to your lawn forever. The cool thing is that it must never be re-dressed or re-dressed next season. It’s best to use river rock in shaded areas because it tends to raise the temperature of the soil that can harm your plants. Although river rock can be a great addition to your garden for low maintenance, if you live in a warm climate, you must stick to traditional mulch.

    Install Hard Landscaping 

    You may want to consider using a large portion of your yard for hardscaping if you don’t have an outdoor space to entertain. To build your own backyard oasis, you can use concrete, gravel, or pavement.  It can be expensive to install hard landscaping, but it will save you time and energy while keeping your lawn. It can even increase the value of your home, similar to other forms of renovations.

    Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation systems are vital to your lawn. One of its benefits is to have timers that can be set and your garden can water itself while you’re resting. Irrigation systems have become more and more effective with the continuous advances in technology like the Rainbird and Hunter systems. Usually, irrigation systems have lost about 50% of their water in the past due to evaporation, inadequate deployment, and maintenance problems.  These systems have come a long way. 

    Irrigation systems now have features such as controllers that allow you to monitor zone and season watering. Different areas in your yard may have different soil types, heat, shade, and planting watering needs. Plants may also have seasonal watering requirements requiring a different production.

    You can set up your system based on the rainfall around your home as well as regulating water by area. You don’t want to give your plants more water than they need if you get more rain. That’s why using a controlled irrigation system can help you cut water costs while giving what you need to survive to your plants.

    So find an irrigation system instead of watering your crops. You can be cost-effective much more and save you money!  



    If you want to add a little color to your landscaping, try searching for perennials that are low-maintenance. Although some perennials will need a great deal of work, others do not need your support at all.

    Do some work to discover the region’s best perennials.

    To the Point

    For your yard, there are plenty of low maintenance options. Using a little imagination and doing some work will help you find the best ways to minimize your outer space maintenance. Your neighbors are going to be envious of your easy-to-care landscaping before you know it.  Find a local Landscaper to help you get you on your road to enjoy a low maintenance yard for years to come.  

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  • Patio Covers

    Patio Covers: DIY or Hire a Professional Builders

    Patio Covers
    Baytown Patio Covers

    Remodeling or replacing your patio cover can breathe new life into an old-fashioned and dull backyard. You’ve seen examples of patio covers you love. You’ve gotten ideas from the internet, magazines, and friends. But are you ready to undertake the installation all by yourself? Or would hiring a professional builder be the better choice?

    In this article, we will give some helpful guidelines to let you know if you should address the patio cover project as DIY or reach out to professionals.

    Simple and Straightforward? Go It Alone

    Patio covers are as special and unique as the homes to which they are connected. If you’re comfortable with basic handiwork, measuring accurately, using a skill saw and climbing a ladder, you can possibly build a simple patio cover on your own. Remember, a big part of any home improvement project is confidence solving problems on the spot because every project presents its own set of unpredicted issues. Nevertheless, if your patio cover falls into these categories, you should be able to handle the installation yourself:

    Detached from the home – Freestanding patio covers are easier to manage for the layperson than those that are attached to the home’s exterior via ledger board. Self-contained pergolas are great options because they can be fitted right up against the outside of your home without needing to be attached to the house’s structure.

    Mostly flat roof – If your patio cover features only a slight angle for rain drainage, it could be a candidate for installing on your own. Remember, a covered porch can trap water and experience drainage problems if its angle is too thin, so make this decision accurately and carefully. The minimum angle for a covered patio is 1/4:12. This means you’ll need 1/4 inch rise for every 12 inches of run. For open-slat patio covers, the angle is less important, since water will drain through.

    Small covers — Patio covers that are under 200 square feet are mostly easy to achieve by the average person with a basic knowledge of carpentry. Anything over 200 square feet becomes much heavier and requires a more in-depth knowledge of city codes and supports. 

    Patio Covers
    Baytown Patio Covers

    Complex, Cavernous or Customized? Leave It to the Pros

    Working with a professional builder greatly increases your investment, but also buys you peace of mind. Their intimate understanding of structural integrity, materials, mathematics, and local building codes ensures that you’ll get a patio cover that not only makes somebody’s day but stands up to the weather and won’t result in safety code infractions.

    Here are the circumstances where it’s better to hire a professional builder:

    Pitched roof — The slant of your patio cover should fit pleasingly with the style of your home. For many, that means a serious pitch. If your patio cover requires an angle of any significance, design and installation will require accurate mathematical calculation for safe installation. Let a professional builder or engineer handle it.

    Large areas — As soon as the size of the patio cover grows, the design may fall under different safety protocols. As shear load increases, accurate engineering and construction become risky.  Work with a professional builder or engineer to make sure that your patio cover is not only safe in all weather conditions but also meets all local or state building code requirements.

    Attached patios — If the patio cover is going to be connected to your house using a ledger board, call in a professional builder. Attached patio covers require clean removal of the exterior surface of the house, accurately attaching the ledger board, safely attaching the patio structure, then refinishing the exterior. In many instances, warranties on exterior finish products may be voided if you attach anything to the home. Thus, building an attached patio cover properly means leaving it to a professional builder.

    Setting up your own patio cover is a great project to get your feet wet in the home improvement arena. If you want a true and tried basic design, wood or aluminum patio cover kits provide you with what you need to get started immediately. However, if you want a patio cover that has any feature beyond a flat, small-sized, detached structure, you’re wise to reach out to professional builders. The extra expense is worth it.

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  • Patio Screen Enclosure

    How to Clean Your Patio Screen Enclosure

    Patio Screen Enclosure
    Conroe Patio Covers

    This elegant pool or patio screen enclosure keeps the leaves out, bugs cannot gain entry and give you a great sense of privacy. A Patio Screen Enclosure transforms your outdoor space into a quiet getaway as you gaze across the yard and up into the magnificent Houston sky. In a perfect world, you would never have cracks or dusty spots. In fact, cleaning your patio screen enclosure takes a little bit of time, but the right techniques make this backyard job manageable and extend the life of your screen enclosure.

    Spray, Scrub, and Dry 

    Just like washing your windows, cleaning your patio enclosure is vital, because it keeps your view clear and more enjoyable, but it also helps to extend the life of your panel and frame. The practical process of washing the enclosure needs only a sunny afternoon, a garden hose and a combination of gentle dish soap and warm water. Soak the enclosure first, then give it a good clean with a soft brush of the bristle. Spray all down to a final rinse with an eye for any weak areas that might need a second pass. Start by drying the screens to shake out excess water, or scrub them with a chamois. Otherwise, drips could leave striations that would undo your good work.

    When washing your patio cover, you’ll probably notice some mold on the glass.  Moldy panel enclosures need a few improvements to the game’s cleaning plans. Start by watering surrounding plants to protect them from mold-busting solutions. Bleach is a liquid weapon of choice, but it can be used sparingly. You only need 1 quart in 3 quarts of warm water and don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. If you’re not happy with this formula, make a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Soak, clean and rinse inside and out, and follow up with your drying and chamois techniques. White screens keep their good looks longer if you find chlorine or vinegar wash a regular part of the cleaning regimen of your pool enclosure.

    Patio Screen Enclosure
    Conroe Patio Covers

    Know Your Limits 

    Unless you’re familiar with high-pressure spray devices, don’t try to blow your way to shiny, clear patio windows. Most of the garden hose spray accessories take care of the job without punching holes in the enclosure fabrics. That’s important when it comes to your investment.  

    Also, a cleaning job involves climbing the ladder, so operating on a high roof includes standing on walking surfaces. If you have any questions about stepping up that high to reach hard to reach places, then contact a screen enclosure provider like Houston Screen Room to plan for qualified help to keep you grounded and your patio enclosure clean. These services also come in handy for large-scale clean-up projects that have been delayed for a long time. Many homeowners are familiar with this kind of DIY job but know when to call your friendly local expert.

    We hope you’ve found these cleaning tips helpful. When you think your glass enclosure is beyond the cleaning process and is ready for the replacement phase, please contact a reputable company like Houston Screen Room.  They build and install pool and patio enclosures all over the Conroe and Houston area, and they can assist you with all sorts of repairs. So what are you waiting for? Clean your Patio Screen Enclosure today!!

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