• Sprinkler System Repair

    Sprinkler System Repair – Simple Things You Can Do Yourself

    While sprinkler system repair projects may require the help of a professional, you can perform many small repair tasks yourself and can save you a lot of money. 

    Sprinkler System Repair

    Clean the Sprinkler Heads

    Cleaning the sprinkler heads every day is a simple and easy task that can keep your sprinkler systems operating productively. First, turn off the system. It may be enough to just clean the water holes with a wire to clear dirt. For effective cleaning, remove the head and wash it out with a chemical cleaner. Ensure to absolutely rinse off the chemicals from the sprinkler head before replacing it to keep away from damaging your lawn.

    Clean out the System

    Cleaning out the entire system occasionally will continue in good working condition. Search through the internet to get a professional to perform your sprinkler system repair and irrigation cleaner that is required for your sprinkler system and for directions on how to use it properly. Authorized and professional cleaners are mostly safe for the lawn but qualified to cleanse the system.

    Replace Sprinkler Head

    You can buy new sprinkler heads from the manufacturer of your sprinkler system. While each system is unique and exclusive, most sprinkler head can simply be screwed off, and the newer heads can be screwed right on. 

    Fixing a Broken Pipe 

    Broken pipes are quite easy to repair only if you don’t let the soil get inside the pipes. The same as a sprinkler head, you will want to take a piece of the pipe to the hardware so you are sure to get the right size. Before you start, don’t forget to turn off your sprinkler system so that the water doesn’t flow as you fix the pipes. Use a hacksaw to cut away the cracked or broken pipe, and use logic and some plumber’s tape to install the new piece.

    Sprinkler System Repair

    Test the System

    Although you may not be able to do a complete system repair, you can run a test of your system. Just turn on your system and check each sprinkler. You may get wet, but getting close to each sprinkler can help you to understand which ones are turning out badly. Make a map of your sprinklers and note the status of each one. Also, if repairs are required, you can show the repairman the map, keeping an eye on his job.

    Testing the sprinkler system is better than you may realize. Identifying sprinkler heads that are not working well is the best defense against a costly repair job. Performing an easy test is the only way to locate issues that might be happening underground.

    When Is It Time To Call In The Professionals For Assistance?

    Your irrigation system is an important part of the beauty and health of your landscape. If you have invested in this system for your home’s landscape, then it is important that it works properly and productively all the time. If you do notice problems, it may be tempting to try and fix the issue on your own; however, the fact is, professionals, have more knowledge and experience about irrigation systems. This means that they can easily troubleshoot an issue and determine the proper fix.

    If you are bothered that your sprinkler system is not working at its best shot, then it is time to call for an irrigation repair professional to inspect and diagnose the issue. The truth is, sprinkler system repair can be hard to repair without the advice and help of a professional. Don’t disregard this repair because the problem will only become worse and more expensive to repair at any second.

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