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    How to Clean Your Patio Screen Enclosure

    Patio Screen Enclosure
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    This elegant pool or patio screen enclosure keeps the leaves out, bugs cannot gain entry and give you a great sense of privacy. A Patio Screen Enclosure transforms your outdoor space into a quiet getaway as you gaze across the yard and up into the magnificent Houston sky. In a perfect world, you would never have cracks or dusty spots. In fact, cleaning your patio screen enclosure takes a little bit of time, but the right techniques make this backyard job manageable and extend the life of your screen enclosure.

    Spray, Scrub, and Dry 

    Just like washing your windows, cleaning your patio enclosure is vital, because it keeps your view clear and more enjoyable, but it also helps to extend the life of your panel and frame. The practical process of washing the enclosure needs only a sunny afternoon, a garden hose and a combination of gentle dish soap and warm water. Soak the enclosure first, then give it a good clean with a soft brush of the bristle. Spray all down to a final rinse with an eye for any weak areas that might need a second pass. Start by drying the screens to shake out excess water, or scrub them with a chamois. Otherwise, drips could leave striations that would undo your good work.

    When washing your patio cover, you’ll probably notice some mold on the glass.  Moldy panel enclosures need a few improvements to the game’s cleaning plans. Start by watering surrounding plants to protect them from mold-busting solutions. Bleach is a liquid weapon of choice, but it can be used sparingly. You only need 1 quart in 3 quarts of warm water and don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. If you’re not happy with this formula, make a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Soak, clean and rinse inside and out, and follow up with your drying and chamois techniques. White screens keep their good looks longer if you find chlorine or vinegar wash a regular part of the cleaning regimen of your pool enclosure.

    Patio Screen Enclosure
    Conroe Patio Covers

    Know Your Limits 

    Unless you’re familiar with high-pressure spray devices, don’t try to blow your way to shiny, clear patio windows. Most of the garden hose spray accessories take care of the job without punching holes in the enclosure fabrics. That’s important when it comes to your investment.  

    Also, a cleaning job involves climbing the ladder, so operating on a high roof includes standing on walking surfaces. If you have any questions about stepping up that high to reach hard to reach places, then contact a screen enclosure provider like Houston Screen Room to plan for qualified help to keep you grounded and your patio enclosure clean. These services also come in handy for large-scale clean-up projects that have been delayed for a long time. Many homeowners are familiar with this kind of DIY job but know when to call your friendly local expert.

    We hope you’ve found these cleaning tips helpful. When you think your glass enclosure is beyond the cleaning process and is ready for the replacement phase, please contact a reputable company like Houston Screen Room.  They build and install pool and patio enclosures all over the Conroe and Houston area, and they can assist you with all sorts of repairs. So what are you waiting for? Clean your Patio Screen Enclosure today!!

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