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    Landscaper Tips on Low Maintenance Landscaping


    It can take a lot of work to own a house. There’s a lot to do, from emergency maintenance to routine cleaning. Maintaining the landscape and curbing appeal is part of caring for your house. If you’re struggling to find the space, or just hate doing yard work, here are some ideas for your yard for low maintenance landscaping.

    Low Maintenance Landscaping

    Rubber Mulch

    Fill Flower Beds up with rubber mulch.  It’s a great way to give a fresh look to your landscaping while keeping weeds away. Every year, conventional mulch needs replacement. When you hate mulching jobs, switching to rubber mulch is a safer, low-maintenance option. Rubber mulch is a great way to use recyclable materials as well as lasting for years and is safe for your animals.

    All you need to do for installation is to wash your flower beds and place a weed barrier down. You then spread the rubber mulch and all of you are set.

    Keep in mind that rubber mulch does not provide the surrounding plants with any nutritional value. You may need to talk to an expert like NW Landscape Management before replacing your traditional mulch with rubber mulch, depending on the plants in your beds. For certain parts of your landscape, rubber mulch may only be suitable.


    A Landscaper is here to help make your home look beautiful throughout all seasons with evergreens. While after the summer months other plants and vegetation will lose their leaves, evergreens retain their leaves throughout the year.

    Even though evergreens are more costly than some alternatives, even in the rainy months, they will help keep your home curb appeal. The lack of attention needed by these plants will return your investment year after year.

    Try Artificial Grass 

    Artificial grass is an easy and low maintenance option eliminating lawn mowing, watering or fertilizing, unlike real grass.  Consider buying artificial grass if you hate mowing your lawn frequently and still want green on your lawn. Since the early days of turf, this alternative type of grass has come a long way. You may not be able to tell the difference between what is true and what is fake in some situations. Artificial grass requires a small amount of care. All you need to do from time to time is to hose it off.

    You can also try artificial plants as well as buying artificial grass. Buying artificial plants will give the room an extra color pop if you have an outdoor space that is obscured by the elements.

    For example, you can add to your front doorstep some fake potted plants. No one is ever going to know the difference.

    Hard Landscape

    Adding river rock is a one-time upfront investment that adds beauty to your lawn forever. The cool thing is that it must never be re-dressed or re-dressed next season. It’s best to use river rock in shaded areas because it tends to raise the temperature of the soil that can harm your plants. Although river rock can be a great addition to your garden for low maintenance, if you live in a warm climate, you must stick to traditional mulch.

    Install Hard Landscaping 

    You may want to consider using a large portion of your yard for hardscaping if you don’t have an outdoor space to entertain. To build your own backyard oasis, you can use concrete, gravel, or pavement.  It can be expensive to install hard landscaping, but it will save you time and energy while keeping your lawn. It can even increase the value of your home, similar to other forms of renovations.

    Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation systems are vital to your lawn. One of its benefits is to have timers that can be set and your garden can water itself while you’re resting. Irrigation systems have become more and more effective with the continuous advances in technology like the Rainbird and Hunter systems. Usually, irrigation systems have lost about 50% of their water in the past due to evaporation, inadequate deployment, and maintenance problems.  These systems have come a long way. 

    Irrigation systems now have features such as controllers that allow you to monitor zone and season watering. Different areas in your yard may have different soil types, heat, shade, and planting watering needs. Plants may also have seasonal watering requirements requiring a different production.

    You can set up your system based on the rainfall around your home as well as regulating water by area. You don’t want to give your plants more water than they need if you get more rain. That’s why using a controlled irrigation system can help you cut water costs while giving what you need to survive to your plants.

    So find an irrigation system instead of watering your crops. You can be cost-effective much more and save you money!  



    If you want to add a little color to your landscaping, try searching for perennials that are low-maintenance. Although some perennials will need a great deal of work, others do not need your support at all.

    Do some work to discover the region’s best perennials.

    To the Point

    For your yard, there are plenty of low maintenance options. Using a little imagination and doing some work will help you find the best ways to minimize your outer space maintenance. Your neighbors are going to be envious of your easy-to-care landscaping before you know it.  Find a local Landscaper to help you get you on your road to enjoy a low maintenance yard for years to come.  

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